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A renovation Plan for El Campanario

View placement of kitchen cabinets
Floor plan
Interior elevations (colors and furniture styles not final!):
Just inside main entrance to living area, entering from existing courtyard, looking straight forward in direction of bedroom. Door at rear left leads to new courtyard
Same spot, but turned to the right and looking past eating area toward the kitchen and outdoor bar Note updated & more accurate view of kitchen, below
Just inside secondary entrance to living room from new courtyard (entrance between living area and bedroom door), looking toward main entrance (the entrance from existing courtyard) and eating area (zebra-print ottoman not final)
Renovation began the week of July 8th, 2002! See the materials that have been selected for the project
Virtual reality: Preview the cabana kitchen before it is completed, thanks to the magic of computer imaging (larger image)
Photos of the work in progress • More photos of later work
Something for the walls: Our first (and second and third) Old-Florida-themed art


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