Tour the Kimberly-Powell (formerly Goodrich) Estate
at the Hacienda Goodrich?
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Stepping out of the living / dining area, looking out from the screened porch toward pool cabana / outdoor bar
This is why Glenn had to have this property
Looking from screened porch straight out over pool. Cabana to left, river far to the right. Bamboo grove in "junglette" visible at right. Note lions at each corner of pool
Stepping down out of screened porch. Pool is to right, house is to left, cabana with belfry ahead to the right, and courtyard straight ahead. Parking beyond courtyard
View into courtyard from courtyard entry (to left of Big House entry). Big House is to the right, cabana ahead and to the left, and pool ahead and to right
Leaving courtyard, moving back to pool area. Looking at house from pool area. Pool is to the right. Screened porch ahead and to the right. Living area and dining area behind screened porch. House façade in center of image (soon to be graced with large French doors) faces the magnificent river view
Another view of the same façade (that faces lawn and river). 25-foot-wide county right-of-way (unused) is to the left of the house. Pool to the right. Leftmost window: Master bedroom. Middle window, right sliding doors: Living room. River is behind us
This is why Scott had to have this property
Moving back up to poolside patio. House is to the right, pool to the left. Million dollar view (including boat dock) straight ahead.
Stepping foward onto lawn, closer to Sebastian River. River flows to the right, toward Indian River (about 3/4 mile). 1-2 miles across the Indian River is the Sebastian Inlet  (history | park info),  offering passage to the Atlantic Ocean (and thence to Spain). In this image, boat dock can just barely be seen beyond the white plastic lawn chairs
Leaving property (soon to return). Parking area behind us, Bay St. straight ahead. River is behind houses to the left. Further down on the left: Roseland Community Center, municipal park (riverfront)
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