Tour the Kimberly-Powell (formerly Goodrich) Estate
at the Hacienda Goodrich?
Glimpses of Mother Nature as she chooses to reveal herself in the Greater Sebastian Area
Click on an image to view a larger, clearer picture
Dockside view just after sunset, looking across toward nature preserve
Downriver from dock, just before sunset
Just another view of the "back yard"

Beaches the color of coral and seashells

The yard next to the guest house is being enclosed for a second courtyard
A short boat ride upriver yields such views as these palms bending toward the water...
...with the occasional alligator sighting...
...and a lot of birds, such as this heron
Each bend of the river holds more surprises
Back out on the Indian River Lagoon, the Roseland water tower can be seen beyond these boaters (watch for manatees!)
The ocean is just three miles by boat, or 12 by car
Pelicans hang out near the docks, waiting for fishermen's scraps

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