Tour the Kimberly-Powell (formerly Goodrich) Estate
at the Hacienda Goodrich?
The Goodrich Estate?

The seller, and various local residents, have claimed that this riverfront estate was built for the B. F. Goodrich family near the turn of the 20th century. The "romance of the tropics" must have been as appealing then as it is to us now.

The original main house burned down some years ago, and the present main house (bearing no resemblance, presumably, to the original house) was built in the mid-1980s.

What's now the pool house / cabana was built as a carriage house for this estate. The original guest house is still standing, across the sandy public courtyard from our enclosed courtyard, and is now owned by someone else.

The bell tower and exterior of the carriage house / cabana structure are essentially original, featuring such details as the original stucco walls and wrought iron gates. We're not sure if the art deco mermaid brackets on the pool side of the cabana are original, but they are true to the spirit of the period.

The 25' x 50' spring-fed swimming pool (with working lion fountains at each corner) is also original to the estate. The cement at the base of the diving board platform is signed with the date 1/19/28. We're told that the original owner of the estate had the pool built for his daughter's 16th birthday.

Prior to our purchase, the interior of the cabana was (badly) redone to convert it into an apartment, and it used by the current tenant for storage. It was probably at the time of this conversion that the outdoor bar and apartment kitchen were added. A seeminly interminable top-to-bottom renovation has now transformed it into an upscale guest house worthy of the original Goodrich estate.

So far, we've been unable to corroborate any of the Goodrich history by research on the Internet-- but we're sticking with the story unless we find out otherwise. We'll be planting rubber trees on the property just in case....

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