Tour the Kimberly-Powell (formerly Goodrich) Estate
at the Hacienda Goodrich?
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View from Bay Street into parking area in front of property. Roseland Road, connecting US 1 with Highway 512, is several blocks to the left
Big house and courtyard as seen from parking area. Courtyard is behind the live oak in the center of the image. To right: our Ronnie and curmudgeon (former owner) prepare for battle
Big house, straight on
Big house and courtyard from further down drive (away from Bay Street)
From the parking area, you've entered the house. Now looking back toward entry from dining area (in front of kitchen)
Kitchen (R) and dining area (L) as seen from entry
Living room as seen from dining area. Kitchen is to the right. Master bedroom is beyond the blank wall seen here. Beyond the windows (soon to be enlarged and replaced by French doors) is a magnificent view of the river
Master bedroom, as seen from river-facing end of house, looking toward bath (with jacuzzi), closet, laundry room, second bedroom, and second bath. Living room is to right
And that pretty much does it for the inside of the Big House for this tour. The beauty of this house is not on the inside, at least not yet.
The real views of interest are outside. Move back through the living area, away from the master bedroom, past the dining area, and through the sliding doors...
...to view the pool area, courtyard, and river view

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