Glenn's Mashed Potatoes  
  Glenn Powell, Peasant Restaurant Co. (in AJC, 11/21/91)    
  I knew the recipe 9 years before I knew the chef  

3   pounds   potatoes ,   peeled and chunked
1   teaspoons   salt  
1/3   cup   half & half  
1/2   teaspoon   black pepper  
1   cup   onion ,   diced
6   Tablespoons   unsalted butter ,  

Place potatoes in saucepan with salt and water to cover by 1 inch. Cook uncovered until they are quite soft, about 20 to 25 minutes. Drain and mash.

Meanwhile, sauté onions in butter until soft and caramel in color. This will probably take about as long as the potatoes take to cook.

Warm half and half. Add to potatoes along with black pepper. Fold onions into mashed potatoes and serve warm.

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